Wall Art for Bootcamp

Two weeks after the initial sketches, the purpose of the design was announced: create a piece to hang on the wall: Wall Art.
Since I already started to draw some of the sketches in Adobe Illustrator, I took the whale and started working on it. Adding styles to make it look like it had been drawn on a chalkboard.
That did not work out as well as I woul have wanted. So I brought the pieces into Photoshop and started to draw with chalk brushes to get the real hand drawn look.
And this is how it turned out:

Wall Art by ColourBookStudio
Wall Art for Bootcamp

Here is a close up from the chalk brushes that I used:

Close up Chalkboard Design
Close up


Inspiration, Sketches

Sketching for Bootcamp

This month the theme for the MATS Bootcamp is all nautical. A theme which fits me so well. So out came my sketchbook and started filling pages with whales, orca’s (or something that looks like it), shells and boats and ships related things.