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Trying to make a composition

The last few months I have been trying to draw for at least 30 minutes a day. Trying to create a habit and it is beginning to work.
Just a quick sketch of some simple flowers in pencil and then adding gouache paint. It kind of becomes a different way of medition: the soft strokes of the brush, the mixing of the paints and just making simple, sweet little flowers. It helps me to unwind, despite what has to be done on that day, cause at least I have a flower at the end of the day.

This sketch in paint was an experiment in trying to make a composition directly on paper. Normally I scan the single flowers into the computer and trace them over in Adobe Illustrator and then make a composition. This means I can worry about composition later on.
In this case the composition started out very well with just the center flowers and the branch with flowery shapes at the right. Guess something went wrong when I added the orange and blue flowers. But this is all about experimentation, so I do not really care about a bad looking composition.
I know from myself that I have to make a lot of mistakes first before getting things right!