This blog is the showcase of Colour Book Studio featuring surface pattern designs from different collections.

I am living in the Netherlands, pretty close to the river the Waal where the river Waal dominates the landscape and changes it throughout the year. The constant change in nature inspires me to draw, paint and to photograph.
As far as I can remember, colour, yarns, paper and fabrics have always been a part of my life, right from my early childhood on.

In my professional life I began as a graphic designer. Soon I turned to designing knitwear and set up my own business selling design software for knitting, embroidery, sewing and quilting in several countries in Europe.
Later on I worked as a webdesigner for a small media company designing and building websites.

In fall 2010 I signed up for the online class in Illustrator, taught by Laura Coyle to make the change from CorelDraw to Illustrator. This class rekindeld my love for surface pattern design again.
From there I signed up for the ABSPD class from Rachael Taylor and got published on the Print&Pattern blog.

I also like to work with mixed media, textiles, photography and digital collage. My main source of inspiration is Mother Nature, symbols and artists like Gaudi, Turner and Van Gogh.


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