Wall Art for Bootcamp

Two weeks after the initial sketches, the purpose of the design was announced: create a piece to hang on the wall: Wall Art.
Since I already started to draw some of the sketches in Adobe Illustrator, I took the whale and started working on it. Adding styles to make it look like it had been drawn on a chalkboard.
That did not work out as well as I woul have wanted. So I brought the pieces into Photoshop and started to draw with chalk brushes to get the real hand drawn look.
And this is how it turned out:

Wall Art by ColourBookStudio
Wall Art for Bootcamp

Here is a close up from the chalk brushes that I used:

Close up Chalkboard Design
Close up


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January Colour Moods in a pattern

bloem60x100HalfDrop1Kleur2-400pxUsing the colours from the Colour Moods January  and working them into a simple flower pattern. The background colour can be almost any colour: a rich pink, a light grey or an off-white. One could change colours for hours and get different results every time.