Exploring apps for drawing on the iPad

The advantage of having an iPad is that there are loads of apps available in which you can draw. Even vector based drawings that can be opened up in Illustrator to make final adjustments. At the moment I am working with the Adobe Ideas app. This is a free app available in the app store.
It is like drawing with the Blobbrush in Adobe Illustrator. You draw with one of the tools and use the eraser to shape the brush strokes. Luckily there are layers available, just like in Illustrator. For the moment I am experimenting with using a seperate layer for each colour.

Drawing with a stylus is not easy. I am using a small stylus, but it has a pretty large ‘point’. It is a simple, cheap stylus from a discount store, but it feels better than using my fingers for drawing.
I am looking forward to send this sketch to the pc (have to figure out iCloud and downloading yet) and make further edits in Illustrator.


Colour Inspiration, Design, Pattern

January Colour Moods in a pattern

bloem60x100HalfDrop1Kleur2-400pxUsing the colours from the Colour Moods January  and working them into a simple flower pattern. The background colour can be almost any colour: a rich pink, a light grey or an off-white. One could change colours for hours and get different results every time.